Don’t Get Me Started Gameplay

Don’t Get Me Started is the best game for haters

A game for pessimistic cynical killjoys who can turn every conversation into a real downer. Draw cards with topics ranging from easy to hard to complain about and go on a rant while others try to predict your negative personality. Get ready to place your sticks in the mud because your whining can finally be useful!



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Gameplay example

Liz starts as the ‘hater’. Jenna, Tracy, and Jack are ‘know-it-alls’.

Liz draws the top card from the topic deck and reads it out loud:

airline companies
airplane food
the miracle of flight.

The know-it-alls pick a random difficulty card and share the result amongst themselves and keep it hidden from the hater. It was the card so the topic is ‘airplane food’. The hourglass is turned over. Liz can already start thinking (in silence!) about things to hate about all 3 topics. Jenna, Tracy and Jack use their notepads to individually write down what they hate about airplane food. When the time is up, the know-it-alls will have come up with several reasons, but don’t reveal them just yet.

The know-it-alls now reveal that the topic is ‘airplane food’ () and the hourglass is turned over again, as Liz now gets 30 seconds to rant and name everything she hates about airplane food (as many reasons as she can list).

dont get me started party game

Liz: “Don’t get me started on airplane food! It tastes and smells horrible when they serve it to you. The plastic cutlery is flimsy and breaks easily. It’s very wasteful since nobody ever eats the darn thing. Erm… On top of that, it’s waytoo expensive!”


hourglass runs out

time’s up!

Everyone reveals what they wrote down (see table).


  • tastes bad
  • too hot / too cold
  • can’t open peanuts


  • tastes bad
  • always cold
  • too expensive


  • horrible taste
  • limited choices

Each argument that was guessed, earns one point (for both the hater and the know-it-all). So this round, Tracy and Jenna both earn 1 point, Jack and Liz both earn 2 points.

The game continues with the next hater, until everyone has ranted 3 times. Count points and declare the hateful winner.

Alternative rules

You don’t like these rules? Well, you really are the perfect player for Don’t Get Me Started, aren’t you. But also, here are some alternative ways to play the game .

More examples of cards

Here are some more cards and rants of ACTUAL people (most def not robots). The views expressed here are not the views of the people running this website. No sirie bob.

In contrast to the examples here, only one topic per card will be chosen during the game.

losing things (easy): Don’t get me started about losing things! Why can’t my good-for-nothing brain ever remember where I put things? Try looking for your glasses if you can’t see straight. It’s infuriating when people ask you ‘where did you see ’em last?’ I don’t remember, that’s the whole point!

dropping things (medium): Don’t get me started about dropping things! peanut butter & jelly sandwiches always fall face-down. Things always break when you drop them on the floor… Bags rip open at the worst possible time… And can anyone please make a pair of pants with pockets that don’t immediately ejects car keys as soon as you sit in a car?

finding things (hard): Don’t get me started about finding things! You can never find what your looking for and when you do find something that was lost, you no longer have any use for it. When you do find something its usually broken or worthless. I should find a briefcase full of money, but instead I only find broken dreams and empty promises!

the apocalypse (easy): Don’t get me started about the apocalypse. Why aren’t there 4 horseWOMAN of the apocalypse and more importantly: why hasn’t it happened yet? Very disappointed in the Mayans and all prophecies for that matter, come true damn you! Also, ‘Apocalypse Now’ was overrated.

zombies (medium): Don’t get me started about zombies. They’re all so stupid, they walk too slowly, die too easily. And what’s up with them wanting to eat brains so badly? That’s the worst tasting part of the body… They should also learn to not only walk in a straight line and maybe duck for cover once in a while.

shotguns (hard): Don’t get me started about shotguns. They are the reason I can never ride in the front of the car. Furthermore, they take too long to reload and have no range whatsoever. When you’re up and close they make it too easy: you don’t even have to put any effort in aiming anymore. You just point in the general direction of the thing you no longer want to exist, and pull the trigger. LAME!

abductions (easy): Don’t get me started about abductions. They take you somewhere you don’t want to go, then you have to stay there maybe. I don’t really like strangers touching me. They might ask for ransom and your dollar value might disappoint or your loved ones might not pay up. Writing letters with newspaper letters also seems like a long and inefficient process.

aliens (medium): Don’t get me started about aliens. When are they going to get here? Why don’t they tell us where they’re hiding? In movies they are either abducting us or killing us.

spaceships (hard): Don’t get me started about spaceships. The typical rounded top window must give a terrible view of what’s bellow you. The flickering dashboard of lights seems very confusing. They should stop landing in cornfields to confuse us. Unnecessarily cruel.


You can get the Print & Play in our shop.
New and improved look and everything!

Rant over!

If this were a game night, we’d be tallying up the scores and crowning a winner as the other players pretend to be happy for them.

But did you know there are many ways to play Don’t Get Me Started? Some don’t even require keeping track of answers and score, or you could even flip the entire game on its head and make it all about LOVE instead 🙂