Are Mermaids Real?

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered “Are mermaids real?” Well, the definite answer is “Absolutely, no doubt about it!”

Here’s some proof.

First ask yourself: if it swims like a mermaid, looks, thinks, and feels like a mermaid, then who is to say it’s NOT a real mermaid… whether the mermaid tail is prosthetic or not.

There is a thriving, worldwide community of individuals who identify as mermaid, merman or other type of mer. Some are artists, some are paid entertainers. But most are people who truly identify as mermaids, at least in part, and try to live their lives as aquatic nymphs through mermaiding (yes that’s a word, check wikipedia if you don’t believe us)

It’s more than just putting on mermaid tails and going for a swim. Costumes are often elaborate, adorned with aquatic jewelry, and conceptually backed up by origin stories. No matter your stance on mermaidry, there’s no denying the artistry and devotion involved.

Real mermaids are real people

Because these are real people, with real bodies, there’s a fantastic diversity of shapes, form and fashion, far removed from Ariel’s mermaid clone army. And why shouldn’t there be? Considering the almost alien life forms we’ve discovered in the tiny portion of the ocean we actually explored so far, no idea would seem too outlandish (out-see-ish?).

Now, we don’t have any mermaids here at Monkeyshine Games, we’re just making a mer-themed board game. We landlubbers gladly step aside to let some real mermaids and mermen shine. Here are just a few, in no particular order:

Mermaid Celine

location: Belgium

real mermaid celine

photo credit:


Mermaid Victoria

location: Canada

real mermaid victoria

photo credit: Adam O’Brien

Mermaid Skye

location: Virginia (USA)

real mermaid virginia

photo credit: Underwater Mermaids

Merman Thommy

location: California (USA)

real mermaid thommy

photo credit: face_me_916


Merman Tempest

location: California (USA)

real mermaid tempest

photo credit: mojophoto59

Mermaid Raina

location: Canada

real mermaid raina

Mermaid Syphira

real mermaid syphira

Mermaid Storm

location: Hawaii (USA)

real mermaid storm

Nymphia: The Nautilus Mermaid

location: California (USA)

real mermaid nymphia

photo credit: dancinglonewolf


Merman Andrew

real mermaid andrew

Merman Mat

location: Thailand

real mermaid mat

Mermaid Marla

location: California (USA)

real mermaid marla

Mermaid Malena

location: Virginia (USA)

real mermaid malena

Mermaid Lexie

location: France

real mermaid lexie

photo credit: Jerome Mirande


Merman Jax

location: California (USA)

real mermaid jax

photo credit: Los Angeles Mermaid


Merman Isura

real mermaid isura

Hawaiian Merman

location: Hawaii (USA)

real mermaid hawaiian

Mermaid Ginger

location: Nevada (USA)

real mermaid ginger

Mermaid Faline

location: Netherlands

real mermaid faline

photo credit: Maurice v/d Graaf


Mermaid Equa

location: Maryland (USA)

real mermaid equa

Mermaid Dottie

location: Utah (USA)

real mermaid dottie

Dante All Dente

location: Indonesia

real mermaid dante al dente

Merman Chris

location: Florida (USA)

real mermaid chris

photo credit: lisa_strasser2000


Merman Atlas

location: Germany

real mermaid atlas

Merman Arjun

real mermaid arjun

Mermaid Anna Kaminski

location: Germany

real mermaid anna kaminski

photo credit: Matthias Endig