Tell us, how can we make The Sound Of Sirens even better?

KICKSTARTER UPDATES where YOU get to decide

Popped some bottles last night, hope you celebrated too (even if only a little) because getting funded was a collective effort 🙂

We’re getting a lot ideas, so we wanted to take time to address some suggestions/questions in the comments, offer some insight based on past experience, but most importantly, invite you to give your input in a nice and orderly fashion, namely, a Google Form!

Making a pocket version of the game?

Personally, we actually really like compact games that you can take anywhere. That’s why the Kickstarter Edition of our first game, Deer Lord, was pocket version:

It was only after we had completed fulfilment that we were confronted with some drawbacks of the format (which is also why we scaled up the size for the Second Edition). For one, the game box couldn’t fit any of the expansions and extra goodies (real bummer). Also, the size didn’t allow the art to shine, especially not from a distance. And it didn’t fit on retails shelves… so pro’s and cons.

How about this though: what if we include a tuck box in The Sound Of Sirens that can hold all the cards, so you could decide to travel with just the playing cards (using the sails and foregoing the ships) but make the size of the actual box big enough to hold extra’s like superior ships and whatnot? (use this form to tell us)

… so will the wooden ships come as an add-on?

Here’s the cop-out answer: it all depends.

We designed and lasercut wooden ships in our local makerspace (we wrote a slightly nerdy blogpost on the topic). They look great, but the process is quite labor and cost-intensive, and doesn’t scale at all. So availability would have to be limited.

With our previous game, Bilder, shipped to backers only 2 weeks ago, there’s another aspect fresh in mind and that’s fulfilment. Whether or not we’ll be assembling and prepping all the boxes for transport ourselves, will depend on the total number of backers. Should the campaign blow up, we can hire a 3rd party to help us out with that, but that’s a lot of ifs and buts… so, maybe we should first hear from you!

How about a playmat as add-on?

Would be really sweet, wouldn’t it? Also really really expensive to make though, so we can only start considering if and when we have enough people interested. Tell us in the form if it’s something you’d really like.

We really appreciate everyone taking the time to voice their opinions and expertise, that’s why we want to make this a conversation. We hope this update cleared up a couple of things from our perspective. We’ll be expanding the FAQ too.

PART 2: the form-idable results

and an extra special ‘how do you do?’ to everyone who filled out the Google Form, we very much appreciate it (also, apologies if our last update confused anyone, it was a bit technical maybe…)

We asked all of you how you felt about some add-ons, and want to share the results. Like the best things in life, they come in the shape of a pie:

75% positive reaction!
75% positive reaction!
78.2% wants!
78.2% wants!
truly split: 50% positive - 50% not so much
truly split: 50% positive – 50% not so much

The results are very much in line of our expectations, but now we have some cold, hard data to back it up.

So, consequences?

  • We’re going to talk to our manufacturer about including a separate tuck box that can be used as a pocket version
  • We’re going to make it possible to order the wooden ships as add-on, but first need to figure the logistics and crunch some numbers, stay tuned
  • We won’t be offering additional playmats, at least not for now

As for the campaign, let’s keep stretching!