Making party games, good ones!

Dennis and dries playing a party game and having fun

Monkeyshine: making party games, good ones!

Call us MONKEYSHINE games from now on

We have a new name, one that says ‘mischief’, ‘buffoonery’, and other general shenanigans. Seemed a perfect fit for 2 Belgian boys making mostly party games. We started of as ‘Deer Lord Games’, named after our firstborn son the party card game that started all of this, but that name no longer cuts it because we have…

New party games in the pipeline

The reason why we are updating our name (and site, and logo, and everything) is because we have new games coming up! We’ll probably crowdfund them through Kickstarter, like we did with Deer Lord.

We super duper sincerely hope that you’ll love our games as much as we do, so test them out, back ’em, and let us know what you think!

>> We’ll be launching our next game Bilder 1st of July, but you can download a finished prototype right here.

What kind of games can you expect from us?

We like the call them ‘party games’, but in a slightly different way than how Board Game Geek defines it. So what do we at Monkeyshine think a party game should be?

  • creative: think pictionary, time’s up, dixit, games where you have to use your imagination instead of following a strict set of rules (we devoted a whole post to this)
  • dynamic: party games are all about social interaction between players and create a lively atmosphere.
  • straightforward: games with a logical set rules that you’re able to learn in under 5 minutes
  • good-looking: maybe you’ve noticed that we put a lot of work into the design of our games? …not really a requirement for the ‘party game’ label but let’s face it, definitely a plus.

We make the kind of games that can take up the whole night, but also serve as great pregame. Feel free to turn them into a drinking game (though alcohol is definitely not required to play/enjoy them), use them for your bachelorette or stag party, or as a casual game to break the ice.

created by these 2 primates:

dries de geyter monkeyshine about page

Dries De Geyter

Dennis Lippens monkeyshine about page

Dennis Lippens

bilder print and play pdf preview

Did you know?

we send PDF files of our best card games to everyone who subscribes

  1. PDF files with cards to print -cut- play
  2. Rules included
  3. Completely free

independent Bilder reviews and opinions from many different blogs!

bilder review header image

We are absolutely in love with Bilder but we’re biased. Maybe you should listen to what professional board game reviewers have to say…

But if you need a second opinion, or a third, or fourth, we got you covered:

“Where BILDER stands out is in its ability to unlock your imagination, asking you to turn an innocuous piece of wood into a lightning bolt, a snake, ocean waves, a staircase, a sword from Minecraft, or whatever else may suit your fancy to get your point across (…) It encourages creativity, and exercises mental muscles that many adults could stand to use more often.”

~Dyan – Women Like Board Games

“If you enjoy games like Concept or Imagine you’re going to love Bilder. It’s a huge amount of fun, there’s lots of variety in the cards and pieces, and lots of replay value.”

~Chris – Casual Game Revolution

“Bilder will be the next family night, fun time game that everyone will be able to get together & enjoy. Bilder is fun, complex, & will get the imagination flowing in each & every person that plays no matter how old they are.”

~Christoph – Boardgaming FTW

“Oh you thought it would be easy to build a ‘bank’ and get your friends to guess it? Well hold on to your hardhat bilder Bob because Bilder turns everything on its head. This game is packed full of laughs and creativity that will be sure to bring everyone to the table time and time again.”

~Christina and Robb – Blue Peg, Pink Peg

“We had such a laugh when we were playing it. It was hilarious, we were cracking up, nearly in tears”

~Brian – Cloak and Meeple

So there you have, straight from the horses’ mouths. Now, if you haven’t already, you should really check out our page

READ MORE about deer lord
bilder print and play pdf preview

Did you know?

we send PDF files of our best card games to everyone who subscribes

  1. PDF files with cards to print -cut- play
  2. Rules included
  3. Completely free