dont get met started for people who love to hate

Don’t Get Me Started is a game. A fleeting opportunity to wallow in make-believe misery instead of dealing with your actual problems. More specifically it’s a card game, the kind that – unlike video games – requires you to wear pants and involves making eye contact. Even more specificallier, it’s a party game. … but we hate how cheerful that makes it sound. And how that implies it’s either a drinking game, Cards Against Humanity ripoff, or both.  

What are you getting? A box filled with playing cards – big whoop – inevitably stained with cheeto dust from your so-called friends. That is, unless you sleeve every – single – one. Like some chump who still has to discover they won’t fit in the box anymore. Specific amount TBD, depending on how long you let us rant. At least 108, that’s for sure, but got plenty more in us. Don’t expect us to include a timer. Why exactly should we include a sand-filled plastic hunkajunk when everybody has an atomic clock in their pocket or, statistically more likely, their hand right now. 

And of course there have to be rules. No fun without some restrictions and carefully planned out scoring systems! There’s only one rule and that’s there are no rules. Except there are multiple of them and you have to obey them all. Unless you don’t.  But here’s a bunch of them, just in case. We got rules for structure-craving dorks, loudmouths with something to prove, filthy hippies, and the vanilla folk who just want to have a good time with friends, is that too much to ask?

How many people does it take to Get You Started? At least 2, duh, up to whatever, like 12maybe? Good luck finding a dozen people to join you anyway. Better fire up a Doodle for next year, only to get blown off the day before. Classic.

How long does it take? How does that even matter? Until you’re done. Or bored with it. Probably too long for some, while simultaneously not long enough for others. Just like intercourse!

You’re gonna have to wait a little while for some more information on the game. In the meantime, you can already start gathering all the bottled anger and annoyance from that place in the back of your head.