A game for negative people who love to hate


Go on rants and show your dislike for human society as a whole!

*yes, it’s 100% free

don't get me started fallen
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1. topic cards

Haters get topic cards that give them 3 possible topics (in ascending difficulty) to rant about. The hater gets 30 seconds to rant and name as many reasons as possible to hate that certain topic or thing.

The other players get 30 seconds before the hater starts ranting, to write down what they think the hater is going to say, with a maximum of 5 reasons.

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2. difficulty cards

What to hate is decided by first drawing a difficulty card. All cards each have 3 topics that range from

easy < medium < difficult

But there’s also one love card where the hater has to search deep down inside for reasons to like things.

“Don’t get me started on airplane food! It tastes and smells horrible when they serve it to you. The plastic cutlery is flimsy and breaks easily. euhm… On top of that,
it’s way too expensive!”

– a misanthrope

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The biggest most original hater

After the hater is done ranting, the others reveal what they wrote down one by one, and thegroup discusses if the arguments match.

  • Haters get +1 for every reason one or more players wrote down
  • Other players get +1 for every reason mentioned by the hater.


Victory to the player with the most points!

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Free PDF with all the cards: don’t get me started in your inbox

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  • All 100 cards (PDF)
  • The complete rules (PDF)
  • Hate that’ll last through the ages