totems and taboos

board game totems and taboo with totems dice
title card totems taboos

a divine board game for 1 - 6 players

As one of up to 6 divine players, you try to persuade 100 infidels to believe in you. Develop a religion of choice with its own set of rules and commandments.

The more believers, the higher you can build your totem and the more powerful your cards and miracles are.

Use every trick in the holy book to become the dominant religion and win the game.

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Let us play.

use the six building blocks of religion, each with their own set of powers

all totems stacked

what will YOUR religion worship?

Mors mihi lucrum. Tis but a veil that separates our world from the next. Mors tua, vita mea.

A sacrifice to shred the shroud, and channel the magic that lies beyond. Non omnis moriar.

Experimentation has proven beyond doubt that quantic conundrums remain to be disentangled. Speculations need to be formulated, data needs to be gathered, analyses need to be made. The cosmic axioms will be unraveled.

life card with eagle

O wondrous miracle of Creation divine! Our world, abundant with Life, a testament to Thine generosity. All that flourishes, grows for Thee. We hallow Thy Will with every blessed breath we draw.

fear card with nosering bull

BEHOLD! Terrifying powers dominate everything! Destruction imminent, ravaging storms, annihilation of ALL. Fall to your knees and TREMBLE! There is but one force, FORCE itself. Violence is the only salvation.

love card with elephant

Come join us, beloved, leave behind the solitude of the self. Alone we are adrift, but united we can revel in the endless love of the universe. Surrender your self, my darling, become a part of us.

The Journey begot the Vision begot the Wisdom begot the Prophet begot the Gospel begot the Teachings begot the Book begot the Rules begot the Punishment begot your Obedience begot your Soul. It is so.

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the ritual

all totems and taboo game components

game rules coming soon

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