Don’t Get Me Started – RULES

Why Get Started?

Don’t Get Me Started (DGMS) is a card game where players rant to get as much off their chest as they can.

Feels good to complain, doesn’t it?


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How To Get Started?

Players take turns being the ‘hater’. Each round starts with the hater revealing the top rant card from the deck for everyone to see. Maybe read aloud the topics if you’re playing with a large group. There are 3 connected topics on each rant card, ranging from easy to hard (in terms of hateability):

Use the symbol cards to determine which of the 3 topics the hater has to rant about, by picking one at random:

Optionally, you can add the ‘wuv card’ to the symbol deck. Drawing this one turns hate into love, ‘hater’ into ‘admirer’. Draw an additional random symbol card to determine the topic.

After the hater is done hating, the game continues clockwise. Winning a round means you earn the rant card. Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game wins!

ROUNDS - so many ways to hate, so little time

You can play DGMS in different ways depending on the situation, type of friends, or random impulse. We’ve prepared some recipes for you, but first let’s look at the different types of rounds you can play.

Classic 30 Second Rant

How? The Hater rants non-stop for 30 seconds. Other players can disqualify rants if the arguments are deemed false, too similar or too neutral. 

Score: Hater gets the card if the rant didn’t stop for more than 2.47 seconds. 

Bidding War

How? The Hater estimates how many unique arguments (love or hate) they can come up with. Anyone can challenge by going over with at least 1. Whoever wins the bidding war, has to list that many unique arguments to earn the card. Other players can refute arguments if they are deemed untrue, too similar or too lame. 

Score: If the highest bidding player succeeds, they earn that card. If they can’t, they lose one previously earned card or skip a turn.

Add excitement!

  • A time limit adds more pressure! We suggest 60 seconds, but feel free to deviate.
  • Not deciding the topic beforehand makes a riskier bidding war!


How? The hater picks another player to debate. The hater gets 60 seconds to list reasons as to why something is terrible (or lovely, if they drew the ‘wuv’ card) The other player takes the opposite stance and gets 60 seconds to refute the hater’s arguments. Both players get 30 seconds of rebuttal time to drive home their point.

Score: Countdown from 3. The other players simultaneously point to who they think won the debate. Whoever gets the most votes, earns the card. Vote once more in case of a tie. If it’s another tie, throw up your hands in frustration. “That’s democracy for ya!”

Weakest Link

How? The hater starts by stating one (1) argument. The other players continue clockwise, each giving one (1) other argument. Continue until someone can’t come up with anything or repeats an argument from before.

Score: Last player to successfully think of a reason, earns the card.

Pencils Down!

How? Grab pen and paper for everyone. The hater reveals the rant card. Without looking, they pick a symbol card and show it to the group (no peeking!). The group doesn’t reveal which topic is chosen, unless it’s the ‘wuv’ card (in that case, the hater draws another symbol card). The other players get 30 seconds to write down all the reasons to hate (or sometimes love) the chosen topic. Reveal the topic to the hater, they get 60 seconds to rant.

Score: The hater gets the card if they can name every reason that was written down by 2 or more players. The player who shares the most reasons with the hater, also gets a card from the bottom of the deck. 


How? The hater draws an additional rant card but doesn’t reveal it to the group. They will try and include one or more topics from this secret card in their rant without getting caught. The other players try to catch the hater’s balderdash by writing down what they think are words from the secret rant card. 

Score: The hater earns the card if they manage to use one or more ‘secret words’ in the rant that none of the other players wrote down.

Finger the Winner

How? Going clockwise, each player delivers their strongest argument for hating (or sometimes loving) the topic. The hater chooses whether to go first or last. 

Score: After each players states their reason, countdown from 3, then point to the player you think gave the best reason (excluding yourself). The player with the most fingers pointed at them, earns the card. In case of a tie, those players name another reason, players then point again. Repeat until a winner emerges. Or forever and ever and ever.


How? Pick a card, choose whatever inspires you to get started. Start ranting, letting it all out. Have other people join in. Only stop when you’ve thought of every absurd little thing. Breathe a relieved sigh and repeat.

Score: if you think there’s need for keeping score, you’re not getting the vibe.


You can get the Print & Play of Don’t Get Me Started in our shop. Print it as many times as you want! No pesky shipping costs either.

RECIPES - something for everyone, even optimists

Suggested formulas for optimal ranting. Stay in the same round until at least everyone had a turn, or you’re bored with it and want to move on.


Good for every occasion! Call grandma and the kids so they can get everything off their chest too!

  1. Chillax
  2. Weakest Link
  3. Debate
  4. Classic 30 Second Rant

Car(d) Game to Drive You Mad

Perfect for long rides in the car, train, or zeppelin. Driver can participate but is skipped as the hater. Safety first!

  1. Debate
  2. Bidding War
  3. Weakest Link
  4. Finger the Winner

Last Ranter Standing

Remove the ‘wuv’ card entirely. Losers drop out so only the most hateful survive.

  1. Finger the Loser: players point at the player with the worst argument. If you are chosen, you’re out of the game. Repeat until only 3 players are left.
  2. Weakest Link: loser is out of the game
  3. Debate: to decide the ultimate victor

Nerd Rage!

You get all the excitement of sitting still, keeping score, writing down numbers, paying attention. Set several winning conditions: number of cards earned, game time limit, number of turns and use math in the process!

  1. Pencils down
  2. Balderdash
  3. Debate

Drum Circle

Each topic has to be loved. No hate allowed! The group always collectively decides on the topic. Reject any sort of scoring, instead discuss the journey with the group.

  1. Weakest Link
  2. Debate
  3. Finger the Winner
  4. Balderdash

Obligatory Drinking Game Version

Because alcohol and anger are a great mix. Additional rules: Everybody drinks at the start of each round, and whenever someone says ‘Don’t Get Me Started!’

  1. Finger the Winner: drink when you have no fingers pointing at you
  2. Weakest Link: drink when you drop out
  3. Bidding War: Everyone except the winner of the round drinks
  4. Chillax: Drink to your heart’s content

Toss Your Own Salad

Decide our rules and suggested programs partly or entirely, suck and come up with your own. Let everyone know by yelling about it in caps lock.


You can get the Print & Play of Don’t Get Me Started in our shop. Print it as many times as you want! No pesky shipping costs either.