• bilder wooden pieces
  • Create what’s on the cards and let others guess
  • Get creative and let the others guess
  • Like sherades but with wooden blocks
  • Create concepts like ‘the apocalyps’ and ‘roller skates’ with wooden blocks


Downloadable file contains: 

  • BILDER Starter cards:
    • 120 WHAT cards: All concepts players need to build using the blocks
    • 90 HOW cards: concepts with instructions on HOW to build
  • BILDER Complex Expansion:
    • 80 WHAT cards: more difficult concepts & idea
  • The Rules
  • The blocks in .DXF format. Optimized for lasercutting (* optional: you can also choose to play with blocks or toys you have lying around)


More information about BILDER: how to play, example gameplay and much more.


  • Make it your own: choose your components, and combine them any way you’d like to bild unique structures and scenes
  • Endless possibilities: literally
  • Baffling: get a glimpse of your friends’ bewildering minds as they get creative
  • Striking design: our resident artist Steven Derthoo has outdone himself, again!
  • Different each round: thanks to the HOW cards, every round in Bilder is a little different